Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aliya Parcs

Born and raised in The Netherlands to a Dutch father and a Filipina mother, Aliya first sang in public at the age of four. She would since regularly sing in various school presentations and Filipino community affairs. In school her main sports were tennis and soccer although she never said no to any indoor game or other outdoor sports.

She finished an abridged course in Administration. At seventeen, Aliya was Holland's representative to the 1997 Euro-Santa Cruzan celebration held that year in London. She and 13 other European country representatives were presented in a gala evening affair before gracing the next day's grand procession in the main streets of London.

But it is Aliya's love for music and singing which gradually became her focus. As a child she took six years of basic piano and jazz ballet lessons. Once a week during college she would go to a neighboring town by bike to take informal voice lessons from a professional musician and jingles composer who was also the guitarist of a well-known Dutch lady singer. In the small recording studio at the back of his house Aliya would often observe and tinker along. Occasionally she also did on-cam assisting jobs for a Dutch variety tv show. When her parents decided to put up business in the Philippines, it took a mean amount of convincing for her to come along. She finally agreed on a promise to allow her to go back to Holland after two years if she still wanted to.


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